Episode 124 – Live from South by Southwet in Austice TX

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  1. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Would have sounded pretty bad with cold/etc.

    As a teaser for a future show:

    The proposal from the Songwriters isn’t a bad one. In fact, it is a great solution to the current problems we are having in the music industry. It is similar in many ways to a proposal that I included in my own Bill C-32 FAQ http:///billc32.ca/faq#musicshare , and was included in my brief to the C-32 committee.

    What is the problem we are trying to solve? Of the 3 often warring copyright holders in the music industry, it is the labels (makers of sound recording) that are refusing reasonable licensing options. The labels are pushing forward legal theories such that online distribution should be treated like CD’s (Where musicians get pennies on the dollar) rather than what is is more technologically like which is radio (Where composers offer reasonable licensing, and performers and labels are on a 50/50 split of a compulsory license where they can’t refuse).

    If the composers can push forward the legal theory that online music distribution is just like radio, then many things can get fixed: P2P could be easily legalised and monetised, things like Pandora could finally come to Canada, and so-on.

    Some of the loudest people in the fake “sky is falling” part of the copyright revision debate are put in their proper place. They could no longer claim it is music fans that are the source of industry problems, and it would become pretty obvious that the recent decades of problems for the music industry were caused by the labels.

    A levy system isn’t ideal, but it is far better than the other options that were being most seriously considered. Having a well mannered marketplace where music fans can easily pay for the music they want in the form they want was refused by the labels, so what the composers have offered is the next best option.

    Once the political power of the labels are gone, such a system can be removed. Of course, performers and labels are still under a compulsory license exception to copyright for commercial radio — and there is no sign that labels would allow commercial radio to continue to exist if they were granted traditional copyright.

    Of interest?

    I could also go into detail of why we are in election watch, but that would likely bore people to tears. Or would it? Maybe assuming people aren’t interested in these things is pissing people off?


    Would love to get questions from listeners prior to when next I’m invited on the show, so we could “have a point .. as it makes it so much more interesting for the listener” 🙂

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