Episode 112 – He Was Poured Into His Avatar

Story links and music here. Transcript of chat here. Enjoy!


  1. Great episode.

    Not still in C-32 committee, but do find that attending committee meetings on Monday and Wednesday is too much like “work”, and thus have been taking breaks in evenings. Oh, and while it seems like a lot, there have only been 8 meetings as of Monday, with meeting 2 and the second half of two other meetings being in-camera (and thus we can’t attend or report on).

    WikiLeaks — for some of us our first introduction was with ACTA treaty leaks, so there is an obvious Copyright/etc connection as suggested in the show. Copyright is one of those things that did show up in leaked cables/etc.

    MPAA threat to colleges — this has been an ongoing thing for years where typical DMCA ISP liability isn’t extended into publicly funded institutions, and that funding is contingent on fulfilling onerous requirements.

    App stores: Recent ones add a payment option to what some of us just call a repository for YUM or APT. I think they are a good thing, and allow mobile users to slowly catch up to what some of us have been doing for nearly two decades now.

    The next step will be to allow technology owners to add their own trusted repository links in, and thus be able to make their own choices about what repositories they trust — as well as having more than one configured at the same time. This would be more like what typical Linux distributions have allowed for at least the last decade 🙂

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