Episode 111 – I Are Social Media GOOROO!

Transcript of Live Chat – join us next time, won’t you?

This podcast is NSFW which means Not Safe for Work or Naughty Saucy Foolish Wanker.

Shane is here, Ryan Wiseman is here and Andrew joins in a little later on. We can haz whole crew!

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure and Dystractions

Happy Canadian National Day of Podcasting! (RyWi made dys!)

Bad EU! Bad EU!: ACTA is approved.

I have this crazy idea…and it just might work!: Movie theatres to increase prices to further “customer alienation” strategy.

The only levy we like is the Eugene kind: MP James Moore can’t see how device levy could work. (He’s the voice of reason?!)

The Super Sad Satellite: Tracking Black Friday from space while people starve. Stay classy, human race.

Frozen Timbits, indeed: Man charged for going through Tim Horton’s drive-thru naked…sort of.

Wikileaks: Well, since everyone else is talking about it…

Forget viruses, bacteria’s where it’s at!

Dropped balls: Rogers’ claims of less dropped calls than competitors is simply not the case. Tsk, tsk, Ted.

Now see this! Ottawa ordered to make websites accessible to the blind.

Shoot Hootsuite! So says Andrew…and a lot of other people, too.

Pirated Votes: Pirate Party makes in-roads in Winnipeg election.

MuchMusic Fails to Become LessMusic: CRTC rejects station’s request to go to 25% music programming.


Grand Analog – Touch Your Toes (Part II)

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