Episode 110 – JERKS

Transcript of Live Chat.

This podcast is NSFW which means Not Safe for Work or Nicely Soiled Flannel Waistband.

Shane Birley joins us, again. W00t!

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure and Dystractions

We call them JERKS!

Rogers & wireless ‘net neutrality? Not so much. Thankfully, someone’s listening.

Porting out your cell phone number, though? That’s bullshit.

Apple/RIM cross-pollination (and I quote) makes “Shane wet”.

RT @G&M: Be careful what you tweet.

Yours truly never watched Buffy, but I’ll take it on advisement that this is a big deal.

Cookie Monster + SNL = fucktarded.

Google TV is having trouble scoring deals with studios, apparently.

Piss-poor blissful bullshit from Canada.com — now with bonus dreck!

Also out of Vancouver — MMO in giants’ brains…?

Find this, it’s awesome.

No TSA pat-downs for Canada… yet.


Starfield with their track “PS I Love You”.

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