Episode 109 – Apple Sells Revolvers for $12.99

Transcript of Live Chat.

This podcast is NSFW which means Not Safe for Work or Nightly Sustenance for Werewolves.

Shane Birley joins us, again. And I’m back from the other side of the International Date Line.

Show Notes

Full Dysclosure and Dystractions

The Beatles are on iTunes1

Facebook has email! Just not in Canada yet.

The state of Android in Canada. +1 now that AC can has it.

Other wireless news: Mobilicity comes to Van, 3G comes to the TBay.

Everyone else is set to abandon it, but HootSuite keeps Mike Vardy at least — could it be that sweet iPad app?

Do Canada a favour and sign Russell McOrmond’s awesome petition.

Canadian actors have no fucking clue. And I used to be one, so I know.

Forward-thinking media makers are entirely another story, though — like our pals at Pioneer One.

Anth wonders who’s gonna buy a Boxee?

Linux scores another l33t haX0r with Xbox Kinect.

3D hologram sells out stadiums — in Japan, of course.

Hey MeeGo, enough with the talk… make a fucking phone already!

Shout Outs & Music

The Canadian National Day of Podcasting – December 1st

“Oh No”, from Girl Talk’s awesome new album All Day.


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