Episode 107 – Release the Baccon!

Transcript of Live Chat

This podcast is NSFW which means Not Safe for Work or No Steam for Weiners

Show Notes:

Dystractions & Dysertations

Note: Dystractions are posted as we find them on Facebook, Identi.ca (!!1!) & Twitter.

In the acronym CRTC, the T is for Internet: CRTC sets stage for usage based billing from your ISP (via DYSciple Slugore)

Facebook buys – then drops – Drop.io (via DYSciple Slugore)

Bye-bye Bill: All o’ y’all opposition parties against Canadian copyright legislation

2D or not 2D? There is no question: Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman sequel not in 3D

A RIM job well…done: RIM bows to India

Canadians love their chicken-ish: KFC Canada announces Double Down most successful release ever

A real cash crop: Farmville now worth more than Electronic Arts


Now YOU can be mayor of Geocities: Geocities as ONE BIG ASS torrent

iLate: Glitch in Daylight Savings time on iPhones Wreaks Havoc in Europe

Mike also rambled on about politics and video game console options at his disposal. Nothing more, nothing less.


Big thanks to Campbell & Brown’s T-Shirt Town for making us some fabulous t-shirts to giveaway. (They’re based in Portland, Oregon – which is pretty much the closest city America has to Canada…in terms of awesomeness.)

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And as always, much love to our chat room participants.


Jason Collett, with his track “Bitter Beauty”.

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  1. Hey guys! Fun show (as usual) sorry I missed it live. Two things:

    1. I did try the Double Down, for what it’s worth, and you can really taste the salt. Otherwise, meh. I’ve eaten far worse fast food. (It’s on my blog a couple of weeks ago, Oct. 22).

    2. Mike! GET A PS3!! I, too, was sold on it as a BluRay player, but it ROCKS my world. We got Little Big Planet (that game really is good for almost any age) and my Mike got a few more games but we use the media server option that Shane mentioned and it is our Netflix gateway, too. The interface is easy to use the game selection good, and I always recommend it as the multi-purpose console of choice. (We also have a Wii which often sits idle…)

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