Episode 104 – CC is for Cookie Cookie; that’s good enough for me!

As usual, this podcast is NSFW which stands for Not Safe For Work or Norwegian Song For Webolutionaries.

Also, we’re trying to upload this podcast at a sample rate of 64kbs instead of 96 to save download time. Let us know if you hear a difference.

… With returning guest Shane Birley!

Transcript of Live Chat.

Show Notes:

Dystractions & Dysertations

Our Man Russell McOrmond schools the CBC on Creative Commons. The fun starts right here in the comments on the Spark blog.

Watch the Chile rescue live because, well, yah, I don’t know why either. Oh, wait, it is because we get to see some live cat fights.

Finnair update: Stupid woman in Japan blogs about 7-11. For serious.

Noes! Warner scraps Harry Potter in 3D. Thankfully Milton steps in to pick up the slack.

Facebook gets banged by Bing.

Goon! …the musical?

Good idea. Bad idea.

All hail MyBlank — I mean, MyUnderscore… I mean, whatever the fuck you call this.

War of 1812… there’s an app for that.

71% of tweets are ignored.

Social Sharing Overload and who cares.

Ontario asks Craigslist to stop adult ads online.

A Family Circus Bidding War… Really?


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Binärpilot, with his track “aXXo”.


  1. You need to make note of the extra “in the bar” stuff in the notes on this page. Would have been good to have a reminder in the show that there was more after the music.

    Lets actively encourage CBC to fix their misunderstanding of how multi-licensing of content works. Boycotting isn’t the right approach, education is.

    It isn’t just educating CBC executives, but the public in general to stop thinking that license agreements are an “all or nothing” situation. A single piece of content can have as many different licenses attached to it as the copyright holders wish, fine tuning their business models to require permission in some situations, require simple payment through a collective society in some, and royalty-free permission in other situations. I noticed some misunderstandings in the chat room as well as in the various forums on this issue, so the more this gets discussed the better.

    Andrew will know the situation for software where you have many dual-licensed software programs, as well as programs that are available under multiple-FLOSS and non-FLOSS licenses at the same time. The same fine tuning exists for other creativity as well — it isn’t just us software authors who have these freedoms.

    Oh, and I like the comments section here, and should be kept. 🙂

  2. Ok, so in the interest of further discussion: Do we even need the CBC at all in this day and age?

    Dysclosure: I don’t watch The National, RMR, Strombo or Hockey Night in Canada. And I stopped listening to Radio 3 when too many Canadian bands (or more accurately, their labels) failed to provide DRM-free downloads on iTunes…

  3. Sound quality was fine for the regular show. The segue to the Pubcast in Toronto was a bit weird, but good. What on earth were you using for mics? I didn’t recognize Anth’s voice at all! Does this mean Mr Marco is also Mr AutoTune? 😉

  4. I was using a Blue iPod mic. It plugs into the bottom of an iPod Touch and records to the Voice Memo app. While the resonance is not great, I thought it wasn’t too bad for dropping it on a table three feet in front of both of us and just going.

    That said, “I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  5. Now, if you really want to go all funky you can get a little mixer that allows you to have both microphones and cell phones plugged into a recorder. That way you can do the pub thing and also have guests 🙂

    My wife overheard me listening to the show — she says my voice is a few octaves higher on the recording than in real live. Hmm..

    Re: CBC

    Canada needs a national public broadcaster. Whether the CBC can become that again is a separate question from whether we need one. I think it is interesting that TVO is picking up some of the slack left from the CBC, such as picking up search engine. If they returned to playing Dr. Who like they did in the 1970’s, I’d be ecstatic.

    Back in those days we had a CBC and CTV affiliate, 1 French station, and TVO on UHV.

    I look at how many of the shows I really like (Dr. Who and spinoffs, Merlin, etc) come to me by way of the BBC, with few coming via the CBC. About the only things I can think of off hand that I’d miss is Spark and The House, and I suspect that this longer format edited audio shows would also find a home elsewhere in a provincial public broadcaster.

  6. I was going to bring out the mixer, dual mic combo and a laptop but just got lazy. If I was doing a full hour-long episode, I would probably brought everything, but for impromptu podcast stylings, a mobile device was so much easier.

  7. The Mikey is an awesome mic! I will be getting one for use with my iPhone as soon as the pressing need persuades me that the time is right. Currently, I use Blue Microphone’s BlueFire free recording app on the iPhone to grab all meetings, with just the onboard mic on the iPhone. Not fantastic gain, but it’s certainly audible, and painless.

    Anth, I was wondering about the very different sound quality of your voice recording. Andrew sounded pretty much the same, but when you are doing Dys or LoveHate, there is a “studio” quality that the pubcast didn’t have. Major filtering on the input feed? If voice is your brand, you probably want to stay on message with publicly available recordings, if possible…

    I’ll now hand the gavel to Roger Ebert, who will write the critique of the moving images…

    Oh, and another thing [ small Columbo moment]… it would be great if the comments recognized registered users vs. drop-ins. Like BoingBoing does. I know, I know, who’s going to do that? Just a convenience suggestion.

  8. “Oh, and another thing… it would be great if the comments recognized registered users vs. drop-ins.”

    We could install Disqus for that — I use it on my blog and it seems to find favour with the cool kids…

  9. Bruce,

    The tone on that live podcast was probably attributable to a couple of things: 1) I was over-projecting a but to hit the back of the room, 2) I was being a bit more animated which raises my pitch, and 3) I noticed myself keying on people in the audience as I was talking, which I do when I deliver workshops, but does cost me to lose some resonance on the mic.

    At home, I don’t really process the audio too much. I have a kickass broadcast mic and I boost the bass to 3 o’clock while the high and mid stay at noon. That’s it though.

  10. Thanks for the detailed response, both technically as well as performance. I was hoping for just that kind of info. I’ll bet your home mic is expensive to insure! Also a Blue Microphones? Their high-end gear is pretty awesome!

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