Episode 101 – Potato Chips for Prostitutes

Transcript of Live Chat.

Show Notes:


Japanese Gay Porn Baby…?

Former Toronto Maple Leaf Coach Pat Burns isn’t dead. You’re welcome, rest of Canada.

Zomg, librarians violate Netflix ToS!

C-32 advocates be pimpin’; Michael Geist has the real story.

Anthony: “I press a button on my mouse and that’s the way I likes it…!”

Louis CK will give you a free streaming movie, just wants your email, see? ‘Kay?

Hollywood: “Don’t you dare be rebroadcasting our dreck!

Boring essays about Canada being boring are boring.

This week’s obligatory Beiber link.

And you asked us to talk about…

Internet Exploder 9.

Pirate Party of Canada irc meetings.

Mobile music services in Canada.

Getting it right, by not following Access Copyright proposals. (Sorry Russell).

Full Dysclosure

Andrew swoons over Jay-Z, disses Betty White on SNL.

Anthony switches off on smartphones in the classroom.

Mike leads a dyscussion on the Canadian launch of Netflix.


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Ok, so apparently the Francophone band Karkwa has won the Polaris Music Prize. Good for them.

We can’t play anything of theirs without clearance, so howzabout this fine track from some more forward-thinking Quรฉbรฉcois otherwise known as Malajube?


  1. Just listened to the Full Dysclosure sections I missed thanks to the Ipsos-Reid (no, I am NOT in favour of PPPs, thank you, and no I DON’T think the Canadian Blood Services is doing a good job. Take that.)

    As far as smartphones in the schools, it’s a tough call. My kid has a phone but only has it charged for use as a 911 emergency phone. We flipped out at our niece when she was 16 because the bulk of her $200 phone bill was due to texts sent during class. Phones, especially smart phones, are a HUGE distraction, but I think educators are going to be forced to work with them rather than against them, ultimately. Sidenote: there is a tug-of-war here in the library as some librarians are actively developing apps for smart phones as others are putting up NO CELL PHONE signs everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

    TV season, for me still matters. I actually get a little excited seeing a show as it is new then raving/ranting about it over coffee (or sometimes immediately afterward in chat or by phone to friends) — for the record, we watched all of The Event and it SUCKED.

  2. I listened to this Podcast, took me 2 hours but totally worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ I hear i was mentioned right near the end as the ‘young kiwi girl’. Glad to be apart of that ๐Ÿ™‚ Should come on TinyChat again, I havent been back since that night! Haha! I left a comment on your channel though.

    Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cheryl: Jesse Brown’s “Search Engine” podcast – http://www.tvo.org/searchengine – tackles the issue this week from the advocating for technology position. I do think they missed the boat a bit on equity and legalities.

    Melanie: Thanks for listening. That was our first TinyChat experience, but we may go back on special occasions. You are always welcome in our regular chat and to listen live on Wednesday nights at 10pm (GMT -5).

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