T-Shirts Anyone?

During last night’s live show celebrating 100 episodes of Dyscultured, we gave away two of these snazzy looking t-shirts (courtesy of the fine folks at Campbell & Brown’s T-Shirt Town) and we’ve got some available for those who pitch in to help us get through the next 100 episodes (and beyond). With a minimum $10 donation to the cause (Canadian funds, of course) you get a great shirt at a great deal and help us pay for the things that let us do what we do here at Dyscultured. Plus you can show off your true colours as a Dyscultured “dysciple.” Isn’t patronage fun?

You could donate less if you want – or not at all – but then you won’t get the shirt. Don’t “dysappoint” us.

Either way, they’re here if you want ’em!

Thanks for your support – and we’ll have the full podcast of last night’s extravaganza up later tonight. It’ll be available to listen to or download right here on the site. Better yet, just subscribe to the podcast and you’ll never miss out…


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