Episode 99 – The Wayne-ing is the Hardest Part

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Show Notes:


“Score: A Hockey Musical” doesn’t.

Does your town have nutjob air show protesters like this, or a nutjob columnist like this?

James Cameron goes native, and possibly batshit insane — all in 3D, of course.

Sony shows Canada its Crackle.

“Pilot to co-pilot… Oh, rite.”

Bless this iPhone. No really, bless it.

Justin Beiber drives Twitter 3% further from profitability.

Full Dysclosure

Fresh from the CBC studios, Anth ponders the future of terrestrial radio.

Mike talks about the very real impact of fake news shows.

My status report on the site’s flight from the rage-inducing GoDaddy.com


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You Say Party! We Say Die! and their track ‘There is XXXX (Within My Heart)’.


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