Our new Jabber room (and how to connect to it)…

You complain, we listen. That’s how we roll.

A lot of listeners who come out every Wednesday for the live recording of this humble podcast have taken issue with CoveritLive — or more specifically, the rampant ads that they’re forced to endure while using it. I suggested that we move said chat to the ancient (by Internet standards) medium of IRC, but the only IRC server I know of is freenode, and Dyscultured doesn’t really fit into their stated mandate:

freenode provides discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, for not-for-profit organizations and for related communities and organizations.

Yeah, not so much…

So on the suggestion of listener and guest Russell McOrmond I’ve set up a conference room for us at Jabber.org — unlike IRC it allows you to connect via any chat client that supports the XMPP protocol:

Ok, so… Google Talk it is, then.

Here are a pair of screen grabs that show you how I connected to the room with my GTalk account using Pidgin for Linux. You should be able to achieve similar results with Adium for Mac and Trillian for Windows — but hey, it’s not my fault you chose your desktop OS poorly…

Join a Chat

Once you’ve entered your Google Talk credentials and have logged on (mine are hidden — eat shit and die, spammers) just find the command to join a chat or chat room. “Dyscultured” is the room you’re looking for and “Conference.jabber.org” is the domain. No need for a password, at least until the spammers find us. Eat shit and die, spammers…

Conference.Jabber.org Room List

Alternately you could scroll through the room list at conference.jabber.org and find us there. And we are indeed there — see?

If you’re still having trouble just sign up for a jabber.org account and go back to step one.

I’m guessing Mike and Anthony will be keeping the CoveritLive chat going for at least another week or two. But not me. I’ll be hanging with the cool kids on Jabber. Join me, won’t you?


  1. Andrew, I just want you to know that if anything goes wrong with this, I won’t blame you. I will, however, blame the entire Linux community for no logical reason whatsoever.

    I may also blame Merv Griffin just for kicks.

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