Episode 98 – The Bed Bugs Bite The Big Apple

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Show Notes:


Manitoba judge disrobes, uploads. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Love is a game, and so are honeymoons — in Japan.

James Cameron? Guy what produced Piranha 3D? Oh, it’s ON…

TIFF cinema now bedbug-free. Now what about those stains on the carpet?

CRTC to embark on rare non-bonehead moves.

MPEG-LA offers H.264free — see what I did there?

No Polaris Prize nomination makes Justin Bieber sick.

Arcade Fire in HTML5 is still Arcade Fire, unfortunately.

Full Dysclosure

Anthony and Andrew have a typically high-level dyscussion on Apple’s newest products. Mike Vardy is conspicuously absent.

Bonus Video: Zomg, it’s the iPhone Shuffle!!1!


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The Acorn and their track “Kindling to Creation – the Megafaun Remix”.


  1. OK, so in regards to iPod Touch as gaming platform — here is where your lack of women on the panel really shows. Currently, the largest growth in gamers is women over age 55 most of whom play social gaming, puzzle games, etc. If the iPod Touch is not an ideal platform for that demographic, I don’t know what is. (My MIL loved hers so much that she upgraded her phone to an iPhone so she could game in her spare time.)

    Also, if you recall the early ads for iPod Touch, they really focused on the games (the tilt and roll maze and pinball come to mind) so calling it a gaming platform is not a new tactic from Apple.

    Last (but not least) as a parent, I much prefer the variety of game apps for the iPod Touch over even the DS (which is the next best thing) for young kids. My 9 year old uses my Touch when waiting in the restaurant or while on the bus — with no stylus to use or hinge to break, it’s a lot more portable for kids too.

  2. I personally would take the iPod/Phone a lot more seriously as a gaming platform if Apple didn’t deliberately cripple the Flash functionality — all those free Flash games on the web would seriously undermine the business model of the AppStore, and Apple can have none of that, obviously.

  3. Responding to pitiful pleas to leave a comment in the iTunes store (why do they hide things like that below the fold?), I’ve been, intending to wax uxorious. Then I realized I had ALREADY left a kick-ass comment in July. Is the lack of iTunes opinion a cause for concern? I don’t know, guys. How many people will find Dyscultured through the iTunes store, as opposed to WoM? A very, very small percentage of listener/participants, I suspect. You’d have to be a political or PR researcher focused on Canadian digital culture, with a decent budget for digging dirt to troll through iTunes PodCasts for sources you want to monitor.

    I bet even James Moore could find the PodCast via the Dyscultured site easier than browsing iTunes!

    Having said that, it WOULD be good if there were more than 4 iTunes comments… and from folk who aren’t in the production credits…

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