Episode 97 – It Reeks of Milk and Oranges

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Gmail can make phone calls now?

Access Copyright wants to bilk students (wait for it) for photocopying.

Dude, don’t bogart that tailpipe

BC Faeries — sorry, Ferries, can’t handle a bare ass.

Bob Dylan pwns TicketMaster.

(WARNING: Obligatory Justin Bieber links ahead…)

Justin Bieber is coming to Ottawa. You’ve been warned.


Again with the Avatar?

GI Joes or GI NOES!!1! …?

And the dregs, something about some other video game

Full Dysclosure

Currie talks accessibility (Linux and otherwise).

Marco looks down his nose at FanExpo.

Vardy says “What the FUCK?!”


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Apostle of Hustle and their track, “National Anthem of Nowhere”.


  1. Holy Fuck. This is what I wrote on eMusic while downloading: http://www.emusic.com/album/Holy-Fuck-Holy-Fuck-MP3-Download/10887251.html

    “I would like to thank Steven Harper and the Conservative Government for informing me about this band. Great stuff!”

    Access Copyright is a re-branding of CANCOPY. They didn’t like how people referred to them as Can’tCopy. Of course, now everyone just calls them Excess Copyright. It is a collective made up of other associations, and is represented by some of the most extremists in the copyright debate, right up there with the recording industry. Oh, and any time you want to really sicken your listeners with Copyright crap, I can be called up during the show 🙂

    IRC? Sounds good to me. Also worth checking out Jabber chat groups which offer more control and additional features for posting multimedia if you want that sort of thing. Eventually I’ll figure out how to stream the audio for the show and have a jabber/IRC client running on my Android phone, which will mean I won’t be stuck in the basement office during the show.


  2. Oh, and I think I should mention: On the Access Copyright story you only covered part. I think educational institutions, boards and provincial educational ministries are as much to blame for this massive handover of money as the old-economy educational publishers. In fact, I have less sympathy for their position as they have a choice and haven’t accepted their own responsibilities.

    But, the article you referenced last week includes all that 🙂

  3. I haven’t listened to #98 yet but if you are still looking for a hosted wiki spot, I have found a couple in my travels. Tiddlyspot is pretty good. Also, Wikispaces offers some pretty good public acces to wikis if I remember correctly and then there is the new wikidot that seems to be rising in popularity. I started one for the slugisdoug podcast over at http://slugisdoug.tiddlyspot.com/ if you want to see a simple example.

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