Episode 96 – Flush With Dumbness

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Breaking: Great, now Facebook knows where you are.

Speaking of social media, Canada’s wireless carriers are scamming you.

Is Apple pulling Oracle’s strings in their lawsuit against Google?

Hong Kong 3-D IMAX porn! Hong Kong 3-D IMAX porn!

In PAZ we trust.

Google ups its ranking in Canada.

SOCAN can go fuck a duck. Srsly.

(WARNING: Obligatory Justin Bieber links ahead…)

We Beliebs in Chu, you adorable small lesbian.


OMG! UBOOTNU can’t see the forest for the neck beards.

Full Dysclosure

Currie sings the praises of APTN.

Anth crowd-sources his next prezi.


Listen and learn…or just read here how you can get a mention. Leave a comment, mention us in a tweet, etc, etc. Then you get a shout-out. Yes, it’s that simple. All the cool kids are doing it!

Howdy to our Twitter pals, a #FollowFriday will be yours again this week.

And as always, much love to our chat room participants.


PAZ and his track, “Whiskey & Cocaine”.


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