Episode 95 – Heaven is a Series of Tubes

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


“Series of tubes” senator goes down in flames. Literally.

HOPA is a hoax-a.

Hootsuite drops the F-bomb.

Dwaynebook? How could we not green-light that?

Will Ferrell to change things up by not being funny on purpose.

The Parents Television Council talks shit.

Apple’s iPhone 4 will make you a filmmaker, but only if you hold it right.

CBC to air 3-D doc on Queen. Wait, the Queen.

(WARNING: Obligatory Justin Bieber link ahead…)

Proactiv, eh? Can it hide blemishes caused by this?


Would-be Toronto mayor sends C&D to would-be web site.

Full Dysclosure

Currie talks BlackBerry with IntoMobile.com’s Simon Sage.

Anth’s message to Bill Gates: “Fuck You“.

Mike sez UFC pwns WWE, and he’ll strip down to his trunks and suplex anyone who says otherwise.


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Much love to our chat room participants and crazy mad props to Ryan Wiseman for making our live audio stream possible. If you’re looking to do any kind of media on the web you should talk to him. Srsly.


Winter Gloves and their track, “Plastic Slides”.

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