Episode 94 – 1st Step 2 4ever

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


What’s new in thought-control tech.

Curriculum via Wiki? Sounds like Curriki. No seriously, that’s what it’s called.

They call me Bieber. 3D fucking Bieber.

Why are people lining up to buy a broken phone, when they could be holding out for a douchebag one?

Full Dysclosure

We interview Christian Viel about his new web series Heroes of the North.

Mike misses (and Currie disses) Google Wave. FYI, Jaiku is still around for the three people using it…

The Yes Men Fix the World, and set the bar higher for comedians everywhere.


Listen and learn…or just read here how you can get a mention. Leave a comment, mention us in a tweet, etc, etc. Then you get a shout-out. Yes, it’s that simple. All the cool kids are doing it!

Howdy to our Twitter pals, a #FollowFriday will be yours again this week.

Much love to our chat room participants and crazy mad props to Ryan Wiseman for making our live audio stream possible. If you’re looking to do any kind of media on the web you should talk to him. Srsly.


Dan Mangan and his track, “Road Regrets”.

P.S. In case you didn’t know what I was on about with that “hide your kids, hide your wife” business…

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