Thor and Captain America to get Clash 3D Treatment

With the news that the two latest Avengers efforts will be made into 3D films AFTER  they’ve been shot (ala Clash of the Titans), I have to wonder if “colourization” debate going to be re-ignited for 3D TV. Of course I have little doubt George Lucas will be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy in 3D and Smell-o-vision within the next five years, I’m wondering how far off we are from some of the older classics being post-processed through the 3D filter.

The following is a tongue-in-cheek consideration of some classic films that should have 3D added value and why:

1) The Wizard of Oz – Two words… flying monkeys.

2) Elephant Man – Truly appreciate John Merrick’s deformities.

3) The Godfather – Somehow freaky orange-peel-mouth Brando could be entertaining.

4) 2001 – you even have to ask? The trippy end sequence and Space Baby.

5) Goodfellas – if only for the 3 minute uncut shot walking into the restaurant.

6) The Ten Commandments – Red Sea in 3D

7) A Clockwork Orange – because it’s just not trippy enough.

8 ) The Phatom Menace – really… can it make it any worse?

9) Titanic – …hmmm.

10) Jaws – no wait… didn’t they already… never mind.

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