Episode 91: Fatal1ty of a Hockey Musical

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


The latest Beiber alert.

Doesn’t M$FT already make tablets?

What… the… fuck?!1!

Old Spice builds trust agents.

Toronto Int’l Film Festival officially loses all credibility.

Something about the census. I was busy doing my Fatal1ty voice…

Hey RIAA, you’re doing it wrong.

Full Dysclosure

Dave Olson talks about adding Identi.ca support to HootSuite, and possibly some other things.

Currie talks BlackBerry — specifically OS 6 and their iPad killer serious enterprise tablet.

Anthony rightfully worries about this supposed wisdom of the crowds.


Thanks for all the shoutouts, @dyscultured… My first ever mention on a podcast! 😀

Happy to oblige! Thanks in turn to our other Twitter pals, for whom we show our gratitude each and every #FollowFriday.

And thanks to everyone who came out to chat, too!


Arctic with their track White Walls.


  1. Awesome show, yet again, guys! I know I kept running back and forth (I was making dinner!) and yet I seemed to catch most of it… Wow. That’s kind of like Days of Our Lives, or something. A Culture show that resembles a soap opera.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah… thanks for the shout-outs, and also for plugging the SuprSecrt604Geekup at Lafflines! Pity that Mike couldn’t make it, but then missing the blessed event is not cool, unless you’re on Mad Men or something. Or travelled back in time to that period. Smoke if you got ’em.

  2. Fun show — really enjoyed hearing from Dave about Hootsuite. Ashamed I didn’t know it is a Canadian product; I use it for my desktop client but not yet on my iPod.

    Will try to catch the livecast next week but it turns out Wednesday’s are tough for me. Any chance you could all rearrange things to Tuesdays? 😉

  3. Was doing my yardwork this week whilst listening guys and I had lots to say while I was listening but alas, not being an owner of a smart phone and unable to comment as I was knee deep in the weeds in the back 40, I forgot them all. But, I will say that once again it was an excellent, informative and entertaining show. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

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