20 Sci-Fi Films to See in 2011

The SyFy Network-powered site SciFi Wire has a list of the 20 most anticipated sci-fi movies of 2011.  Some of the ones I’m going to see are:

Captain America: The First Avenger

Yeah, I’m a comic book nerd.  Hopefully this one will do the character more justice than this one did.  Johnny Storm is playing Captain America. Weird.


Another comic book film I’m stoked to see – as long as Thor doesn’t turn out like the one that appeared back in the Hulk movies on television.  I think that guy is on Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie now. (Hey, I have a five year old…cut me some slack!)

Green Lantern

This is the one I’ve been waiting for.  Can Ryan Reynolds do Hal Jordan justice?  I think the good old Canadian native is up to the task.

Transformers 3

Could go either way on this.  That said, Megan Fox isn’t acting in this one.

Then again, that also happened in the first two installments.

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