Episode 89 – Celebrating Canada’s Intrinsic Malaise

with special guest Heather Gold (@heathr) of Tummelvision.tv

You can check out the chat room for this episode by opening this link.


G20… WTF!?!

Mashable creates a new holiday! Social Media Day… complete with clickable ads.

Richard Branson makes Canada a Virgin.

Microsoft kills off its Kin.

iPhone insurance ensures that you think the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary.

Google gets Shanghai’ed.

Full Dysclosure

What is Canada’s Brand?


Phish – June 29, 2010 – Canandaigua, NY – “I Am The Walrus”

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  1. Just listened to the show — woo for Heather! Nice to hear a woman on the show (sorry guys, but it does offer balance and that’s two weeks running!)

    I have to disagree about one thing though: Microsoft will not be dead in 10 years unless government and other institutions who rely heavily on MS products (IE, Office, Outlook, Sharepoint, etc.) also disappear. I work at a University and Microsoft is absolutely pervasive here.

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