Episode 87 – Alright! It’s The Pink Stuff!

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Isn’t it a good thing that electric cars are silent?

Remake crushes other remake at box office.

Von Finckenstein is one scary-looking motherfucker. Oh, and something about Digital TV.

Raise your penis if you think Chatroulette should clean up its act.

I will give you a better Web 2.0 domain name for $5.

CIRA astroturf invades Facebook and Twitter.

Kill the music industry — literally! Best anti-piracy campaign EVAR!!1!

Full Dysclosure

Anthony wants to Kinect with E3 but kan’t.

Mike: “Fuck that blue shit!”

Currie calls bullshit on Jaron Lanier?! Oh wait, it’s all a ruse to plug this Fringe Show.


Ghabuntu/Luqman Saeed, Jordan Keats, the Pioneer One crew Bruce Campbell & Bill Kempthorne for the Tweets.

Podcast Noob for the comment.

Jesse Brown on Facebook (zomg!)

And everyone who came out to chat.


Arctheline – “Alibi”.


  1. I have to comment about your show (ep87) and the discussion surrounding video games / e3. I have always admired video gaming and went through periods of my life where I ignored them, then years after re-gained an appreciation for them. Anthony mentioned that he doesn’t get video games and people spending so much time playing games.

    Someone once told me that he didn’t watch tv, and went on to say that he greatly admired books and movies, but that tv seemed too below his intellect to appreciate. I told him that he was missing out. I didn’t get the game of chess until someone taught me how to play. I think chess is a truly awesome game and am grateful that he taught me how to play. I didn’t get golf until my dad and uncle taught me how to play and now I greatly appreciate that game too. The point is don’t feel bad that you don’t get it, but don’t knock it (or others) until you try it. I would also submit that if your podcast is supposed to be a show about pop culture, then you are greatly missing out as gaming is now a huge (HUGE) part of current day pop culture. Games are now measured in the hundreds of millions to create and feature: amazing story telling, top class music, sound engineering, art, voice acting, stage acting (green screen), wrapped in some pretty high tech development. Nobody is saying that while the gaming industry is now larger than both the movie industry and the music industry, that it will ever replace those industries. It is just something else that we can experience and enjoy if we choose to.

    Someone mentioned in the chat about what you are left with at the end of a gaming session – nothing. It was a good comment. I also have the belief that creating content is so rewarding, and i enjoy creating over consuming content (yeah i said consuming). I like that at the end of creating I will have a collection of works to share with others and you don’t get this with playing games. But i might ask what do you get when you read a book, or watch a movie or listen to a song, and how is that any different from gaming? One might also argue that multiplayer gaming is more social than reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music.

    Great Show
    Podcast Noob

  2. Noob,

    First off, thanks for listening!

    Second, let’s be clear… I don’t get why people watch award shows, read Harlequin Romances, buy guns, learn Latin, buy iPads, shoot heroin, or watch NASCAR, yet still hundreds of millions of people do these things.

    Just because I don’t understand why someone does something, doesn’t automatically suggest I think the activity is anything less than any other hobby (most people probably consider podcasting a waste of time and energy as well). In fact, it’s because video games are a big part of pop culture that I remain incredulous as to the reasons why. I can certainly posit guesses which range anywhere from boys liking to blow shit up to people who enjoy their Wii Fit sessions, but in either of these cases, even if I can subscribe to casual flirtations with gaming, the beneficial outcomes of the hobby remain largely hidden to me.

    If we were only going to ascribe pop culture (i.e. popularity standards) to an activity to justify its validity, we should conclude that every must love soccer, Lady Gaga, Avatar, and CSI because populairty has deemed them the paragons of their subsets. We would have to learn Chinese and convert to Muslim.

    DyscultureD is largely about critical views of pop and tech/web culture and often raises the questions about why people spend time “consuming” the content they do.

    And while it fair to say that I haven’t given an incredible effort to develop a positive attitude toward today’s video games, that not to say I don’t admit they’re better looking, sounding and challenging than the games I spent months or years playing while I was a teenager.

    That said, to suggest we must endeavour to attempt anything before being critical of it is a flawed paradigm, especially when a frame of reference offers perspective. I used to enjoy award shows, now I have no clue why anyone would want to watch them, yet I don’t feel I have to try 2 or 3 every year to justify my disdain. I’ve read hundreds of books in my life, yet don’t feel it necessary to try out pulp romance every once in a while – I understand the archetype of reading and can make an educated guess as my dislike of the genre, general tone, and 2D characters. If we had to try every type of thing before being critical of it, we’d never be able to develop an expertise for any single discipline.

    I would like to think that my brief dalliances into substances which cause inebriation, and a well-placed focus of context and knowledge, would be able to allow me to make the critical decision to not try crack one day or become a drug addict. Because while the ride may be interesting and illuminating, it would seem a giant waste of my time. The same time that can’t see as anything but wasteful when considering video games.


  3. Regarding electric vehicles. Aside from the social darwinism, which I support, there is the issue of visually impaired pedestrians who cannot use “the two things above your nose called eyes” and believe it or not, the concept of “ringtones” for cars has been bandied around for the past three years or so.

    Also there is a song warning of the dangers of the silent car: enjoy! http://green.autoblog.com/2008/05/27/blind-advocacy-group-gets-a-theme-song-for-louder-hybrids-evs/

    Cheryl aka @victriviaqueen

  4. Just got thru listening to this episode & really enjoyed it – have nothing but praise – problem is that may sound like I’m sucking up to you all and that would undermine my own reputation so instead I’m including a short clip from this episode in my upcoming dicksnjanes podcast #253 which I’ve done before without asking permission first cuz that’s my way of saying fuck these guys are really well worth listening to cuz. Beyond that I have nothing intelligent to contribute to the conversation – I am just enjoying listening. Keep it up boys- hope someday you do a live ‘live’ show on stage in Toronto- I’ll be in the front row. Or maybe a joint presentation at #PAB2011? Meanwhile, what you’re doing with live audience, sort of, is great!

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