Jesse Brown stands up for Canadian hackers!

It’s Jesse Brown’s final question to Industry Minister Tony Clement that made me want to jump through my monitor, claw my way through the inter-tubes and give him a high-five.

I didn’t realize that the Minister had spoken so disparagingly of hackers when Bill C-32 was announced; kudos to Jesse for rightfully pointing out that hackers have made the Internet the (mostly) wonderful thing it is today, and that Canadians shouldn’t be content with grunt-work doled out by American video game studios — we should instead be inventing our own Googles. our own Twitters — oh wait, we already have that

Anyway, this is definitely another episode of Search Engine that’s worthy of your time. And I’m sure Jesse is returning the favour by linking to us on his blog, rite…?

Search Engine Audio Podcast #45: Destroying Massive Value.

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