Episode 86 – Get Off My WiFi, Bitch!

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Liberals + NDP = who cares.

The World Cup… OF CRIME!!1!

Journalist swims in oil slick, doesn’t care for it.

Get off my WiFi, bitch!

Full Dysclosure

My first impressions of the new iPhone — click along as you listen!

The new iPhone is magical.

It changes everything, again.

No other phone being released this year can touch it.

It’s hi-res retina display seems almost too good to be true

Everything about the new iPhone is magical.

Its non-removable battery…

Its camera, with the highest available resolution on the market

Its video editing, never before seen on a mobile phone

And of course, the oneof-a-kind app store

iPhone users aren’t hipsters

Nor are they unquestioning sheep who routinely trade away their digital freedoms without knowing or caring…

To sum up: iPhone. Magical. Amazing. Magicalmazing. Apple… Sucks.

Oh, and here’s a bonus iPhone vs. Android smackdown courtesy of Lifehacker

Anthony asks, is Ottawa smart enough not to fuck up our airwaves with foreign ownership? I think it doesn’t matter, because winner takes all.

Mike makes the case for printed books — and has a BookCrossing.com account, just like me — who knew?!

And @wakemp in the chat puts it best:

“Audiobook, ebook, book-book – just read something…”


Janine and nsfw4me (?) for the Tweets.

Colin and Ricardo for their comments.

Everyone who came out to chat, like:


HOTSHOTCASINO – “sky high apple pie”.

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  1. hey,

    I did miss your show due to the Stanley Cup. I just finished listening to the recorded version and while I enjoyed it, I must admit that the live show is so much cooler!

    Podcast Noob

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