Episode 85 – Every Time I Get Out, They Keep Pulling Me Back In

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes:


Facebook, we can’t quit you.

Tall Tales and feigned concern at the latest Steve Jobs love-in. Here’s a different take on the Foxconn suicides.

James Cameron, maybe– but Kevin Costner? We feel sorry for the oil spill…

Tablets + developing world = fail.

Full Dysclosure

iPad vs. netbook… fight! Is this all you got, Vardy?

(Podcast) scoop! Bill C-32 revealed: Breaking digital locks to become illegal, Harper revealed as Uncle Sam’s bitch.

Anthony’s interview with Joe Murray, creator of Rocko’s Modern Life and Camp Lazlo, talking about KaboingTV and Kickstarter.

Yours truly waxes poetically on his own TV career and what could have been.


All the Apple fanboy Twitter accounts we unfollowed, like TUAW.

All who came out to chat, like:

And thanks to slugore for weighing in on our new theme track.


Bend Sinister with “Things Will Get Better” from their new EP.


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