Sneak Audiopeek at the NEW Intro Mashup

For all you Dysphiles who want to keep right up to date on the changes to the podcast, click the link below to listen/download the new theme song:

New DyscultureD Intro Mashup

I’ll send an autographed Leon’s flyer to the first person who can identify the two main music artists I used to mashup the backing track.


  1. I know that one track is Stevie Wonder’s – Too High off of Innervisions….. The other sounds like it could be a transposed Sabotage by the Beastie Boys…. this I am not sure of.

  2. slugore… I knew the Stevie Wonder track would be easy for a lot of people. Beastie Boys… let’s just say that the other track was probably recorded within a year or two of Sabotage, but by a completely different band.

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