A DyscultureD Update

We talked about this on Twitter, and promised a post to outline some of the changes that are coming for DyscultureD.  In order to better serve our listening audience, we’re making a few changes…

The idea behind DyscultureD has always been to be the best Canadian pop culture and tech podcast possible – and we’re committed to keeping that pledge.  We’d love to hear feedback from our loyal listeners and readers.

Anth has done us up a new theme song.  We’ve redesigned our blog and other branding.  We’re ready for the changes…and here’s just a sample of what we’re doing…

  1. Shifting our live stream time from Sundays to Wednesday nights from 9:30 EST until 11 EST(pre-show gets underway at 9 pm EST for those so inclined to listen).
  2. The CoverItLive chatroom will remain and accompany the live stream in its new time slot.
  3. Posting the podcast within two days afterward.
  4. Each co-host will bring a “dyscussion” into play for the week.
  5. Dystractions will still be there…they always are!
  6. Interviews will happen more often.
  7. Guest spots will also happen more often.
  8. Blog posts will happen more often – although not on any set schedule. We’re busy, people.
  9. Each of us will have a “dystinct” signature at DyscultureD’s Twitter feed. (^AM, ^AC, ^MV)
  10. Musical selections will remain part of our closing signature.

We’ll “dyscuss” some of this further with a brief live stream this Sunday at 2 pm EST – and it’ll be a short podcast available for download next Monday.  Then, we start our Wednesday broadcasts!  Thanks again for your support…and always remember: if you want to explore pop culture, dyscover DyscultureD!


  1. Guys,
    The new site looks great. Love the banner, love the new logo and look.
    As far as what I really like on the current show: I love the dystractions. I especially like it when you guys are able to call bullshit on whatever the dystraction is and point out what the real story is or should be… these often lead to some great discussions about important topics or even completely different /more interesting/important topics. I feel that this is what Dyscultured really is about, the strange or misplaced focus that we as Canadians are putting on something that is obviously not important or just plain old bullshit.
    I could do with a little less iPhone/ iPad/ handset talk just cuz that’s what everyone else is talking about and it is not particularly Canadian in culture most of the time… other than millions of Canadians use them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tech talk but I am tired of hearing about the iBlank…. everywhere.
    I hope that I can make it for one of the livestreams. It seems like a better time for me, Sundays are busy days and I rarely get a chance to hang out by the ‘puter to listen.
    Great work guys and I look forward to the next dyscussion.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! If you can make it next Wednesday night, that’d be awesome. Tell your friends. We’ll have beer!

      We’re definitely bringing this iPad thing to a close on the next podcast – at least in terms of whether or not I’m getting one. All that aside, I’m hoping I can avoid any prolonged “i” talk after my revelation.

      (Besides, I’m tired of getting beat up on it!)

      Thanks again for listening and giving us feedback!

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