Episode 84 – Days of Wine and Hosers

Transcript of Live Chat (you should have been there…)

Show Notes


Dan Akroyd gets our boys and girls good and drunk in Afghanistan.

RIM hires QE II for quality assurance.

Bryan Adams jams with the PM, and something about copyright.

Full Dysclosure

Google’s new box, video codec and pending lawsuits.

isoHunt down but not out.

Unreleased hacker doc is leaked there. Get it here!

At the multiplex: McGruber? Really?

On TeeVee: Winners and losers for the upcoming fall season.


Thanks to Belleau Woods for the pingback, John Meadows for the comment & Steve Czajka for the chat.


The Sessions from Vancouver with their track “Say Goodbye Adrianne” — part of the Thorny Bleeder Records sampler brought to you by the Pirate Party of Canada.

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