Episode 81 – Hot Apple Crumbles and I Scream

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too…)

Show Notes:


Man beats Bejeweled.
Upcoming 3-D movie releases.

Full Dysclosure

If Apple calls the cops on you who will police the police?
Hey look, Steve Jobs is a blogger hypocrite.
Anth thinks the best defence against the iPad is to ignore it altogether.
Closed OSes like BlackBerry and iPhone aren’t long for this world, apparently.
Why use OS X anyway when you can use Ubuntu Lucid instead?
In case you were wondering, Gopherspace is safe.


Thanks to Slug is Doug for his comment on the blog last week.

Thanks also to Steve Czajka and John Meadows in the chat. Check out John’s take on Apple vs. Flash.


John Meadows — chatter and musical guest?!!1

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