Episode 80 – Shatner and Spock find 24th Century iPhone… No Flash!

Transcript of Live Chat (you could have been there too):

Show Notes:


Captain Kirk for GG?
Spock hangs up his ears.
That’s so meta: Hitler reacts to takedown of Hitler videos:

5 years of teh YooTubez.
Zomg, Android running on iPhone!!1!
Blizzard bets the farm on virtual livestock… and wins.

Full Dysclosure

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner to poke Facebook again, possibly.
Canada Council on trial.
GOA calls BS on MPAA (and why Mitch Kapor is awesome).
Pr0nmaker takes RapidShare to court.
Photoshop for Linux?!!
Mobile “expert” eats humble pie, kinda.


Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith from PIONEER ONE.


Steve Czajka on Posterous. Want a shout-out too? Tweet us, email us, DO SOMETHING!!1!


Raccoon Bandit – “Same Old Boat


  1. Another piece of commercial Linux software that is available is LinuxCad (http://www.linuxcad.com/). In my neverending search to find a decent CAD program for Linux I stumbled across it and may have to check it out to see if I can finally make the jump. I just have to find a Sketchup for Linux and my search would be complete.

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