Episode 79 – How Did’Juno It Was AC’s Birthday?

Anth apologizes for not tweaking the theme volume before uploading…
too lazy to change it now for 60 seconds of levels being off a bit.

Show Notes

Just a plethora of media Dystractions this week, followed by…

Full Dysclosure:

Charlie Angus peddles his media levy at the Junos.

It’s a Pirate Party of Canada party!

Hang in there, Petrolia, Tony Clement hasn’t forgotten you.

SaskTel’s CEO will soon be out of a job, probably.

Tips & tricks for Opera Mini on your stupid iPhone.

Has the iPhone’s competition caught up? Tomi Ahonen thinks so.

Amazon (and sweatshops) coming to Canada.


Roach – Teabag


  1. Hey guys. Another great episode and thanks for the shout out. (You don’t have to keep doing it, don’t worry I’ll still listen and still comment)
    I don’t have much to say of substance other than I wish I wasn’t so busy on Sunday and could have listened to the live show and joined in on the chat.
    It’s great to see that Pioneer One made their target for funding and I would like to think that both Dyscultured and Open Attitude played a little role in that. It proves the power and value of the amateur podcast and blog.

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