Episode 77 – Smothered By Bunnies

Show Notes
Full Dysclosure

Canada’s digital divide — how come country bumpkins can’t have the same shit service that urbanistas do?

Love it or hate it (Currie hates it) the iPad is here — read fake Steve Jobs’ proclamation to the world, then check Monday’s post on Open attitude for a round-up of sobering second opinions on Apple’s latest appliance.

Indie filmmakers behind mass bittorrent lawsuitsUwe Boll is one of them.

James Cameron: Fight online piracy with geegaws innovation.

If you don’t like live comedy, you can always leave.

Toronto Public Libraries to become gamers’ paradise?

Oscar Peterson statue to be unveiled in Ottawa on June 30th. Road trip, anyone?


DUZHEKNEW – “It came out the other side, ok.”


  1. It’s funny you mention the “3D goldrush” a movie that I may or may not be working on has already floated the “let’s make it in 3d” idea. It seems to be a producer’s newest answer to trying to make a shitty movie “better”.

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