Episode 74 – Politricks


Just Anthony this week… and entirely his fault at that. Thankfully we had two interviews and a whole bunch of music in the can just for such an occasion.

Show Notes

Interview with Charlie Angus who talks about ACTA and his FB group ACTA: End the Secrecy.

Interview with Mark Blevis who talks about MPs who tweet and what it says about them.


From St. John, NB, Chris Shea with his song “Gone”

From Toronto, ON, Make Me Young with their track “The Optimist”


  1. Thanks so much for including me in the show. It was great fun speaking with Anthony about my report and thus becoming “DyscultureD”.

    Also… thanks for a great interview with Charlie Angus!

  2. Thanks again for coming on Mark. It was perhaps the most politically-based episode we’ve done, and, at the same time, very social media savvy and net relevant. We really appreciated your expertise, and you’re welcome back any time you have something you want to join in on.

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