Episode 72 – ACTApussy and the Code Organ


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure


Canada’s broadband [loading, please wait…] lag.

Telefilm wants YOU! If you’re an American movie star, that is. Hey, it worked for Cronenberg

Canada can has video calling?

Rogers says “me too” to DRM-free mobile music store.

How Canadian MPs use Twitter — well, they’re tweeting the budget, for starters..

The Shat in The Shit.

The World:

Who’s afraid of open source? IIPA is.

Singapore (and others) quite happy to keep ACTA under wraps.

10 billion songs served to people who can’t figure out P2P.

But those cheap iPods come at a price.

No moar boobies on iPhone? O RLY?

Apps are crap, anyway.

Facebook patents the news feed. Wait, what?

Sites of the Week

Anth – Stopp ACTA, okk?
Andrew – LibraryThing
Mike – C O D E O R G A N


“Bolingbroke Road” by Silver Creek.


  1. From Rogers site:
    1Rogers pays the service fees on all Live Nation tickets purchased through the Wireless Box Office™. Exclusive to Rogers Wireless customers. Compatible device required.

    2 Includes $15 subscription charge and $5 mobile download charge. Rogers reserves the right to limit the number of concert tickets purchased per person per concert.

    3 Sign up for any Unlimited urMusic subscription plan and get your first month of monthly service fees free. Get access to unlimited music for as long as you maintain an active subscription.

  2. Wow, this is our second comment in, like… EVAR. Thanks 🙂

    “Get access to unlimited music for as long as you maintain an active subscription.”

    Are you as stymied by this as we are? If the music is, as they say, DRM-free how could Rogers possibly control what we do with it? Are they assuming we don’t know how to transfer files off of our devices…?

    It must be streamed, thus making their DRM-free claims a crock of shit.

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