Episode 71 – The 2nd Annual Podcamp Drunkcast

(direct link to mp3)

Long time listeners of the DyscultureD podcast will remember last year’s recording from Podcamp Toronto where we interviewed the guys behindĀ Castroller after a few beverages.

This year Anthony meets Andrew face-to-face in a Podcamp Toronto Drunkcast Throwdown. A muffled Mike tries to referee from Victoria (thanks to a bad hotel Skype connection) and a mysterious Podcamp Newbie chips in on occasion with unmuddled views of the biggest social media event in Canada. Some great new friends and some great memories with existing ones.

Also, we all learn how Huggies plans on training children to properly crap in their diapers.

Limited show notes this week due to our incessant ranting. But in passing:

WIRED Mag demos their bullshit iPad app.

Maemo + Intel = MeeGo.

The Rebel App Store Alliance

Websites of the Week

Mike – pleaserobme.com lets everyone know when you’re away.

Andrew – pullups.com and our new fav song “The Potty Dance

Anth – rssmix.com let’s mix your… you can figure it out.


From Toronto, Raised Paint with a song from their self-titled EP – Fist