An iTad Torn About The iPad

(Despite what it says in the Author view, you gotta know this was written by Mike.)

I’ve had a bit of time off over the past few weeks (so to speak; I’ve been very busy elsewhere) and wasn’t available for the “spirited” conversation about Apple’s new tablet device.  That said, it would have been more spirited had I been involved, mainly because I kinda dig the device.  Go figure.

Here’s the thing, though…I’m not sure if I want one.

Sure, it’d be great to have an e-reader for traveling on the road.  It’d also be swell to have something lightweight to blog with and handle my media.  The price is much more in my bracket than a MacBook Air.  Plus, it’s got a familiar feel to it in terms of user interface,

That said, I’m pretty “meh” about the whole thing.  Why?

  1. The name really sucks.  If I did get one, I’d simply call it my Apple tablet.
  2. I can read ebooks on my laptop.  Heck, any laptop.  Even my iPhone can do it…despite the smallish screen size.  The iBookstore pushes me further away than towards it.  (That said, I’d love to have a book published in there if the payout is anything like the App Store.
  3. I do have a lot of iPhone apps, but I prefer my Mac applications.  I don’t see a point in going down a road that has less choice; this is the most closed-source device I’ve seen Apple put out – and I’m pretty sure jailbreaking may not be easy…or even worthwhile right now.
  4. Did I mention that the name really sucks?

I can afford one of these.  The shiny Mac guy in me salivated over it at first glance.  But since I couldn’t buy one right away, I became more reticent by force…and came up with another solution that allows me to have a device that does everything I need (and want) and still leaves a computer at home for the family when I travel.

Thanks, Apple for making my decision an easy one.  Your delay in getting this to market following your announcement saved me from a case of buyer’s remorse.  Don’t fret, though.  After all, I’m writing this on my newly-acquired MacBook Pro.

As a result, both you and iWin.

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