Episode 69 – Innuendo Jones and The Onion Ring of Doom


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure


Can this onion ring get more fans than Stephen Harper? Yes, yes it can.

CRTC makes a rare acknowledgment of rural Canada.

Content-makers in B.C. get two tax breaks.

James Cameroon — wait, Cameron — hints at Avatar 2: Electric Bugaloo.

Canada pwns US&A in digital music sales.

Martha and the Muffins are back and we don’t care.

Nelly Furtado scores a role in skating musical that nobody asked for.

The World:

Facebook to offer webmail?

Details from secret ACTA meetings start to trickle out.

Obama BELIEVES in Net Neturality – YES WE MIGHT!

Begun, the eBook price wars have…

Australian Courts take ISPs off the hook for digital transgressions.

Mobile Mash-up:

Rogers courts Olympic visitors with cheap SIM cards.

DAVE’s not here, man — try Mobilicity.

Satellite Radio coming to a BlackBerry near you.

Nokia’s Symbian mobile OS goes open-source.

Websites of the Week:

Anth – The Public Domain Manifesto.

Andrew – ACTA: END THE SECRECY (Facebook group)



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