Episode 68 – Hockey Musical? I Got Chills, They’re Multiplyin’


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure


CBC online content governed by US copyright law.

Canadian Gov’t buys into the ACTA mantra.

The players trying to expose the ACTA legislation worldwide.

PVR owners in Canada going through the roof since 2008.

Raise  your hands in air and wave’em like you’re changing channels?

Canadian Coca-Cola doc getting a flat reception in Atlanta.

Score: The Musical… I wouldn’t have believed it. Correction – I don’t want to.


Google owners start to divest and folks wonder why.

Are open source advocates jumping off the Google train?

Will Mozilla switch default search if enough Bing Bing gets thrown their way?

New mp3 DNA to add lyrics, links and notes… but what else?

Mobile Mashup

Is 2010 the time for Canadians to stop fearing their mobile providers?

iPad using a microSIM and no one knows why.

Nokia tries to burst Apple’s bubble of claiming number one status in sales.

Websites of the Week

Anth goes a reading Fresh Yarns on the web.

Andrew goes microNiche Array with ways to crank up your netbook all open source.


The HeavensIf You’re Lost For Somewhere Else To Be


  1. Andrew,

    Have you actually used an iPhone for more then two minutes, or seen someone other then a n00b use one.

    By far the best UI ANYWHERE. There is a VERY elegant way to search for contacts, just a little swipe DOWN in the contact list and you’ll find a search box to start with! You don’t have to swipe through the list.

    I understand that this level of detail, elegance and thoughtful polish eludes the 733t Linux hax0rz but we’ll forgive.

    See you guys at PodCamp Toronto!

  2. Bill,

    I’ve got to track Andrew down and make sure he sees your retort. You’re welcome to come on Dys69 this Sunday and respond in person. I’ll referee!


  3. Hi Bill, thanks for posting your comment…

    Before we continue, you need to read this to know where I’m coming from.

    Re: The new search function in the address book, I was not aware of that. Thanks.

    I won’t comment on your digs at Linux, and I will say that the iPhone is a great choice for someone who’s new to advanced mobile technology.

    But I myself have yet to see anything on an iPhone that makes me any less dismissive of it. If you want to demo something for me at PodCamp I’d certainly be up for that.

    Hey, that “See you in Toronto” wasn’t a threat or anything, was it…?

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