Episode 67 – TV Is For People That The Internet Has Left Behind


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

Canadian against proroguing Parliament rallies contradict some Slacktivism.

Canadians helping Haiti and how could we possibly be cynical about this?

National Film Board’s nfb.ca has some impressive stats on its first birthday.

The White House iTunes app v. Gov’t of Canada mobile site.

Will Barack hide bad news behind Apple’s Tablet announcement?

Have teens become the new meme of blog style experts?

French journalists isolate themselves with only Facebook and Twitter.

UK MPs banned from viewing ACTA proposals.

Nokia phones to provide turn-by-turn worldwide.

Demonoid drops signups… opens itself to all.

Websites of the Week

Anthony – Simplyscripts.com

Andrew – jbak.ru – more of an app than the site to download it from.


from our new friends at Nettwerk Records it’s Howling Bells… somehow we thought they were Australian… apparently they’re from London, England… oh, well.

From their latest CD Radio Wars it’s Cities Burning Down.

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