Episode 66 – Slacktivists of the World, De-slack!


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

Little Trouble in Big China for Google?

Canadian in Haiti rubble texts Ottawa for help.

Bostonians arrested for recording police arrests.

Municipalities however, want to record everything you’re doing.

Some additional reasons to hate ACTA.

OiNK torrent founder is not guilty of piracy in London.

Rush to evolve past recording full albums.


So much for piracy in Canada as box office record set in 2009.

And we don’t always agree with the critics’ picks.

Ghostbusters 3 in the works and I feel liked I’ve been slimed.

James Cameron branded as Anti-American.

Coke threatens Concordia for showing Human Rights documentary.

Are the Twilight films racist and should we care?

Websites of the Week

Andrew – Protest Proroguing with Facebook

Anthony – Go retroland and become awash in nostalgia.


Bell Orchestre – “Stripes” thanks to the band and our friends at Arts & Crafts Records

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