Episode 65 – The Bleeding Eyeball Snow


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

CES – Tablets and Readers and 3D… WHO CARES?

Aronofsky says Robocop lives and dies in 2D.

WIND Canada set to bring in new handsets.

The Google Nexus brings age old Euro marketing to North America.

France to tax Google to fund music labels.

Mashable the ultimate in “blogs will eat themselves“?

Geist’s Top Ten List of Canada tech policy changers.

Charlie Angus’ letter to Tony Clement on Net Neutrality.

NFB iPhone app actually does rate better in Canada.


Jonnie Penn from The Buried Life, about to go live on MTV next week.

Websites of the Week

Anthony – Wizard of Odds – for all your best gambling information.

Andrew – Formspring.me – social networking with 20Q or more.


Jason Collett – “Love is a Dirty Word” from his upcoming CD “Rat a Tat Tat”

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