Episode 62 – Starring Andrew’s Cat as Feline Navidad

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Show Notes

Thanks to special guest Diane Wild, whose work can be found at TV, EH?

Full Dysclosure

Avatar-ded: DRM blocks preview of Cameron’s new film

Who’s creeping up in the Canuck cell wars? Everyone knows it’s WIND Mobile! (Andrew’s video coverage of the Toronto launch is here.)

I Tweet, Therefore Iranian.Cyber.Army: Twitter gets taken down by hackers

Share The Land – What Spins Around Like A Record, Comes Around Like In Court: Record labels may find themselves on the other end of a lawsuit…for once

Share The Land – Brick & Mortar Record Store Gets Bricked By RCMP and CRIA:  Ottawa record store gets raided and takes it on the chin

Hospitals Not Hailin’ Palin: Hospitals steer clear of ex-VP candidate as pressure mounts (update on last week’s story courtesy of Heather Gold)

Facebook or Erasebook? New privacy settings (such as they are) come under attack; only real privacy is to leave service (even then…)

1 vs 1,000,000: Mobile apps all about the quest for more numbers as opposed to striving for best of the numbers – #1.


Globally Diverse Picks: Diane Wild joins the conversation as our picks for the Golden Globes television categories are revealed.  Also revealed further is Anth’s disdain for Glee (not the emotion, but the show…okay, perhaps both.)