Episode 61 – Next Month the Olympics, This Week Gold


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Full Dysclosure

CRTC tries to close down wireless competition and Tony Clement reverses the CRTC decision.

Bell and Rogers take a hit on Clement’s decision.

Copenhagen… is he related to Nina Hagen?

Facebook starts messing with privacy settings and catches Zuckerberg off guard.

Has Eric Schmidt been caught out on claims that nothing is private on the net?

Mozilla rep. wants people to start using Bing after Schmidt’s privacy comments.

Top iPhone apps in Canada for 2009… well… with Andrew’s Nokia picks thrown in.


an impromptu discussion on Sarah Palin coming to Hamilton, ON to discuss socialized medicine. WTF?

Are you up for Avatar?

Movie studios claim record profits in 2009… wherefore evil piracy?

Some of the box office numbers as they stand today.

Facebook movie gets a release date. Are Sorkin and Fincher enough to carry it?

Websites of the Week

Andrew – brightkite.com – let people know where you are all the time.

Mike – teuxdeux.com – a simple browser-based to do app.

Heather – The Daily Dish – Andrew Sullivan takes on politics, society and media.

Anth – pagetweet.com – Create a tinyurl for a website and append your comment for anyone who follows it.


The Constantines and Feist – Islands in the Stream from our friends at Arts & Crafts.


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