Episode 57 – The Global Over-Arching Idiocy of Bureaucracy


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

Is MS-Win7 really just OSX?

Could there be a MS Ducati 7 theme in your future?

Are Canadian networks taking localtvmatters too far?

The Global Broadband Phenomena says P2P is dying off.

Has Twitter become the new TV development tool?


Anth goes to see 2012.

Here’s a low-cost movie marketing PR campaign: Bit Torrent!

Will Calgary become a new Hollywood North… West… Central?

Websites of the Week

Mike – gets possessive with apostrophe.me

Jason – plays the Hollywood stock market with hsx.com

Anth – jolts our creativity with Brainstormer


Thanks to paperbagrecords.com for letting us share Little GirlsYouth Tunes from the latest CD Concepts.

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