Episode 56 – ACTA’s Got No Seoul


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

As the iPhone goes cross-provider in Canada, what are the real costs of a 3 year contract?

HMV Digital comes to Canada – will it be a viable alternative to iTunes?

Why is the Droid drawing people to line up in NYC?

ACTA leaks spawn criticisms and fear of worldwide WIPO war.

The Facebook movie – The Social Network shoots on campus.


with Diane Wild (@deekayw) of tv-eh.com (@tv_eh)

The 24th Gemini Awards hits the Stampede next weekend.

Local TV matters… but do we have to hear about it so much?


Jason – netvibes.com – an alternative to news readers

Andrew – dissolvethecrtc.ca – sounds good to me

Anthony – myebook.com – publish online and share your ideas. with friends


The Hidden Cameras from Toronto with In the NA (thanks to Arts & Crafts Records)