Episode 54 – The Hilarious House of Finckenstein

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Show Notes

Welcome Jason Finnerty @brandscaping of www.thetelecomblog.com, www.brandscaping.ca and www.windows7help.org and Andrew Currie @acurrie whose aggregated work can be found at www.andrewcurrie.ca

Full Dysclosure

Windows 7 rolls out and usurps memories of Vista

Apple rolls out a whack of new products to usurp memories of Windows 7

Google rolls out a bunch of new services to usurp memories of Apple hardware

Bing and Google each strike deals with Facebook and Twitter

Is Mozilla’s Raindrop the Wave Killer before Wave even becomes something worth killing?

If Hulu will never get to Canada, do we care that the US has to pay for it?

49th Perpendicular

Net Neutrality discussions north and south of the 49th parallel

Mobile Mashup

The new Droid phone… is this finally the winner for Android?

Is Nokia’s Maemo phone a strong alternative?

Symbian exec rips Android.

Websites of the Week

Jason – knowyourmeme.com – stay hip without staying current.

Anthony – www.atdhe.net – live streaming of sports… unless it gets DMCA’ed

Mike – measy.com – helps you find the perfect gadget


Ox from weewerk records with the title track Burnout from their upcoming November release

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