Blacque Jacque Shellacque on a Brontodoodle


Okay, in an obvious attempt to suck in the animal lovers with a coy juxtaposition, the UK’s Daily Mail found a “cutesy” picture of two deer standing in front of a Drive In Liquor & Lounge in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

Three things:

  1. Drive In Liquor. YES!
  2. Just because a deer is in a picture, doesn’t make it cute. Would the photo have been consider cute if a flopping salmon was in front of Drive In window?
  3. WTF is with that logo!?! There’s some sort of Blacque Jacque Shellacque character brandishing a pistol riding a miniature dinosaur that most have been an early attempt at cross-breeding a Diploducus or Brontosaurus with a poodle. I’m sensing a new market for Brontodoodles… and are those footprints or mini dino turds behind them?

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