Episode 37 – Let’s Call It The Brody

Show Notes

Thanks to Justin Beach of nxew.ca for talking to DyscultureD this week and making our music pick of the week.

Full Dysclosure

Jacko dies, takes part of the web with him.

ASCAP takes idiocy to a new level with ringtones.

Price ranges for Windows 7.

Google Voice almost ready to roll.

Wherefore wi-fi ubiquity?


Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Eye Candy

The Last Airbender

Websites of the Week

Obit-mag.com – keep up to date on dead (or rumored dead) celebs.

Podshifter.com – listen back to your fav podcasts a bit faster or slower.


As chosen by Justin Beach: Still Life StillPastel from the Pastel EP

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