Episode 30 – The Sack of Stupyd


Show Notes

Full Dysclosure

makeitseven.ca – Jim Balsillie tries to bring a 7th NHL team to Canada
To Boldly Go РStar Trek rakes in almost $80m  US opening weekend
US MPAA wants Teachers to videotape television instead of recording directly
Rogers charges for Incoming Text Messages
Telus to make Canadian Health records available online
Facebook Foils Fraud in Canadian Court
Palm Pre Goes Exclusive… Jack up the Rate Plans
Guitar Hero goes on tour?
Download Decade: a Globe and Mail retrospective
$30,000 to fill your iPod… Name That Zune!

Websites of the Week

Mike – comicbookmovie.com – DSIA
Anth – PlaidStallions.com – relive 70’s catalogue glory


Winter GlovesSmells Like Teen Spirit… yes, THAT song!

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