Episode 21: It’s Totally Guinea Pigs


The Show Notes

full dysclosure

For Whom Bell Separately Tolls (then doesn’t):  The Bell/Twitter Debacle

Give Us Your Data & Your Opinion:  Facebook Forum

The MySpace Band-age:  Is MySpace still viable for aspiring musicians?

Sirius Threat:  Sirius Ask CRTC to quash Internet Radio

Striking A Pro-Chord With Canucks:  CBC poll says Flight Of The Conchords funnier to us than The Lonely Island

Cera-ious Threat Averted:  Last TV cast holdout Michael Cera signs up for “Arrested Development” feature

Is The Watchmen “Duned” In Theatres?

wheel of pop

3D Movies

websites of the week

Mike: Topher’s Breakfast Cereal Character Guide

Anth:  Hootsuite

musical selection

The Constantines

(special thanks to Arts & Crafts Records)

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