Episode Twenty: You Can’t Go (Pod)camping Without Beer


The Show Notes

full dysclosure

Anth Dyscusses PodCamp Toronto 2009

Twitter Ringing a Bell: Twitter brings SMS back to Canada via Bell

Pirates of The 49th:  Canada on “priority list” when it comes to piracy

INXS – An  Un”Fortune”ate Fate:  JD Fortune fired in Hong Kong; now living in car


When Oranges Try To Become Apple

What Happens in iVegas Stays in iVegas:  iPhone App That Counts Cards Makes Waves

interview with Castroller developer Will Spaetzel and Castroller evangelsit Bill Deys

website of the week

Anth & Mike:  Castroller

musical selection

Magneta Lane (special thanks to Paperbag Records)


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